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Rachel Smith

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am the founder of Shikamo Events. Since the day I turned 16 I have worked within the event industry in some manner whether that be as a waitress, bar staff, security, supervisory event roles or now with my business Shikamo Events.


I believe working within each sector of the industry has broadened my eyes to the potential and beauty each event holds. I am very passionate about events and truly believe there is no event too big or small - same applies for budgets.


Whether you are planning a wedding, celebrating someones birthday or simply wanting a home celebration everyone has the right to a good party!

One thing I noticed during my years working within the industry is the lack of access for people who don't live a large budget lifestyle. I have spoken with many people who wished they could afford an event planner to help with their celebrations and give it that extra special touch.

This is why i pride myself on affordable, high quality event planning for people of all ages, budgets and cultural backgrounds. I believe everyone should have the luxury of an event planner without breaking the bank!


“I highly recommend Rachel as the best wedding planner to plan your dream day and also other events. Not only does she have amazing experience in wedding planning but she’s also very professional, relatable, kind, hardworking, intelligent and reliable. 10/10” 

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Shikamo Events

If you would like more information about the services/products I provide please don't hesitate to contact me by email or on the number below - I will also accept enquiries via whatsapp.

Telephone: 07919 566 922

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